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Private hospital to charge patients £95 for GP appointment

A private hospital group has introduced a new ‘GP Private Service’ which will see patients paying £95 for a 30-minute consultation, which it claims is a result of the ‘frustration’ of patients in obtaining a ‘timely GP appointment’.

The Berkshire Independent Hospital, part of the Ramsay Health Care Group, claims that the scheme has been launched to meet the hospital’s rising demand from patients requiring fast, convenient and timely appointments.

Patients will be offered same-day appointments, bespoke health assessments and a travel medicine service including vaccinations, physiotherapy, acupuncture and flu vaccines.

James Barr, the hospital’s general manager said the new service gives patients more ‘choice’ of when they want to access the service.

He said: ‘In recent months we have taken enquiries asking us if we could offer a private GP Service. Those calls have increased because there is frustration at the delay to obtain a timely GP appointment. We are giving people a choice by providing convenient times that suit them to access the service.’

‘The longer consultations are better for patients because it gives GPs more time to provide a comprehensive diagnosis. This is a tailored approach as we are able to offer a level of care that is right for that particular patient.’