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Taxman set to name and shame GPs who miss deadline

By Ian Quinn

GPs who have failed to pay their taxes are set to be named and shamed in the latest phase of a clampdown by HM Revenue and Customs, it has been revealed.

HMRC has been waging a campaign against unpaid liabilities in the medical profession over the past few months and accountants say the body is set to take a leaf out of the book of the Greek authorities who have unveiled plans to name and shame doctors who have not been paying their taxes.

In the UK new rules were introduced from 1 April 2010 to enable HMRC to reveal anyone in the UK who has deliberately not paid their taxes where the liability exceeds £25,000.

At the same time HMRC has given doctors and dentists until June 30 to disclose unpaid liabilities to HMRC in return for paying the tax, interest and a 10% penalty for their back taxes over the last 20 years.

HMRC has obtained information from NHS and private health insurers and hospitals that accountants say it intends to use after June to identify doctors and dentists who have not been paying their dues.

Gary Ashford, national director for tax risk, disputes and investigations for RSM Tenon said: ‘We are really starting to see a drive on tax evasion across all developed countries, particularly the EU – we can see this here with Greece.

‘As with the UK the drive against doctors in Greece sets down a marker to the wider population that no groups are beyond tax evasion or being investigated. Any doctors or dentists therefore in the UK with undeclared liabilities would be well advised to sort out their affairs sooner than later.

'This really goes for other professionals and tradespeople as HMRC is already starting to look at their next campaign, and like Greece will start to name and shame those who have not declared their liabilities'.

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