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GP leaders urge practices to ensure they apply for required premises funding

GP practices are being urged to ensure they let NHS leaders know that they require funding to upgrade their premises.

GPC Wales told Pulse it is having to remind practices to let their health board know of their interest in a slice of the £40m premises investment fund announced by the Government in January.

Its chair Dr Charlotte Jones said this was because practices are so used to working out of rundown, dilapidated premises that they fail to let their health board know of the situation.

She added: ‘The problem is that health boards are using their own local knowledge on premises but practices have got so used to being told that there is no money available that they might not have made the health board aware of their needs.

‘Engagement is the key factor; in particular how health boards engage with local practices who may not have requested funding, may not have put forward ideas or may not have received premises monies for a number of years.’

The £40m Welsh premises fund is to be spent over four years on a range of investments including refurbishments, redevelopments and new builds.

The funds, which have to be spent in year, have been divided into £5 million for 2017/18, £10 million for 2018/19 and 2019/20 and £15 million for 2020/21.

If spent on a practice refurbishment or redevelopment, practices are required to contribute 33%.