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CCG decides not to charge patients for orthotics

CCG leaders have opted to not charge patients for the supply of vital equipment including walking sticks, knee braces and wrist splints, after the proposal was raised at a patient and public participation group meeting in April.

NHS South Warwickshire CCG floated the idea at an open discussion on how it could improve the ‘value for money’ of its orthotics service.

However, the CCG has said the proposal will not be pursued further.

A spokesperson from NHS South Warwickshire CCG said: ‘At the meeting of our patient and public participation group in April, we had an open discussion about how to improve quality and value for money of our orthotics service. No proposals on orthotics exist and it is not being pursued further.’

Last month at the LMCs Conference, a significant majority of GPs voted against the proposal to back patient charging for GP appointments.





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