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E-referrals system up and running

The new e-referrals system is back up and running again after technical problems which forced it offline completely two days ago.

The system was only launched on Monday but was immediately beset by technical glitches which meant that GPs found it difficult to log on, with some telling Pulse they had to delay referrals as a result, resorting to old-style communications methods of faxes and the post.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre introduced the new system to replace the unpopular Choose and Book, which was used by fewer than 50% of GPs and was continually hit by crashes.

A statement from the HSCIC said that the system had been available since Wednesday afternoon and no major issues had been reported.

‘We will, however, continue to monitor around the clock as our first priority remains ensuring minimal disruption to patients and professional users,’ said the statement.

Deputy chair of the GPC IT subcommittee, Dr Grant Ingrams, told Pulse: ‘It came back on Wednesday evening and it was working this morning.’