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GMC freezes annual fees for 2014/15

The GMC has frozen its annual fees this year as a result of the ‘challenging times’ being experienced by doctors, it announced today.

The GMC Council said that fees for 2014-15 will remain at £390 for registration with a licence and £140 for registration without a licence. The registration fee for newly qualified doctors will remain at £185, and the provisional registration fee will stay at £90.

The regulator said that the freeze offers doctors ‘value for money’. It follows a similar freeze last year.

Niall Dickson, the chief executive of the GMC, said: ‘As a leading regulator, we must not only work to support our values, but also offer value for money.’

‘We have achieved this while expanding our work: by liaising directly with employers and doctors, working with patients and developing our data strategy.

‘We believe that we have managed to strike a balance which is beneficial to all doctors and enables the GMC to continue to be as efficient and effective as we can.