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Accreditation will spare GPs Care Quality Commission checks

By Gareth Iacobucci

GP practices that do the RCGP's accreditation scheme are set to be spared inspections by the Care Quality Commission.

The College also plans to make the scheme compulsory for training practices, under the understanding most would automatically be meeting the standards.

Under the plans, practices would have to meet a set of summative standards covering areas such as health inequalities, health promotion, provider management, premises, records, equipment and medicines management.

The College has been working with the CQC to ensure their standards align, so practices who meet them will not require inspection.

The scheme will have a second stage designed to help practices on a more developmental level in areas such as home care, health needs assessments and patient responsiveness.

A CQC spokesperson said: ‘At CQC, we are committed to working with partner organisations to ensure an alignment between what they do and our regulatory processes. This will include using as much data and information from partners as we can, so that we aren't asking them for the same information twice.'

RCGP chair Professor Steve Field said: ‘We want something which isn't imposed on us. If people go and do this, it basically keeps the CQC off their backs.'

Professor Steve Field: 'It basically keeps the CQC off their backs'