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Beware of bogus inspectors, CQC warns

GPs must be alert for people posing as CQC inspectors trying to gain access to primary care information after imposters have begun contacting healthcare providers, the CQC has warned.

In its monthly newsletter, the inspection body warns providers could be approached in person or over the phone and gives advice on how to spot frauds.

It states that genuine inspectors carry ID badges that include the inspector’s photograph and the signature of chief executive David Behan – or his predecessor Cynthia Bower – and the CQC’s mandate on the reverse.

If contacted by phone, practices should be aware that the CQC won’t ask for names or qualifications of staff and suggests suspicion should be aroused if ‘the caller is asking you for information we should already have (such as the name of your registered manager).’

It states: ‘A number of providers have been contacted by people posing as CQC inspectors, who have tried to gain access to services or information.’

And adds: ‘If you’re unsure about the identity of an inspector, please contact our enquiries team on 03000 616161. Our team can check the inspector’s details before you allow them onto your premises.’

It also suggests those unsure of whether the inspector is genuine should only send requested information to the central CQC postal or email addresses.

A CQC spokesperson said: ‘We have no evidence whatsoever that people are claiming to be CQC inspectors in GP surgeries.’