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CQC registration costs ‘a bridge too far’ say LMCs

GPs have demanded that practices must not incur any expense from CQC registration, in a vote at the annual LMCs Conference this morning.

Representatives unanimously backed a motion that also condemned current plans for registration with the regulator as ‘a bridge too far’, and demanded that standards applied for GP practices should be ‘appropriate to a primary care rather than a secondary care setting’.

The CQC is set to consult later this summer on fees for registering primary care providers from next April.

The GPC said it was important that LMCs sent a strong message to the regulator about its feelings.

Dr John Canning, chair of the BMA’s Professional Fees Committee and of the GP Contracts and Regulation Subcommittee, said: ‘We support this. When they consult, they need to hear from all the LMCs exactly what they think.’

Dr Brian McGregor, of North Yorkshire LMC, who proposed the motion, said: ‘General practice is not afraid of regulation. We are already subject to oversight by 28 different agencies. [But] the ultimate cost of regulation should not fall on GPs.’

‘Whilst looking for a bridge, the buggers have dug a tunnel under the river.’

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