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GMC fees to rise with inflation from April

GMC fees to rise with inflation from April

GMC will increase doctors’ registration fees by 0.5% from April next year.

This will see fully-qualified doctors pay a fee of £408 in 2021 – £2 more per year – and newly-qualified doctors £157 – £1 more per year, the regulator said.

The GMC is also increasing the fees for testing, including PLAB 1 costs rising from £239 to £240, and PLAB 2 from £875 to £879.

The GMC said the fees rise was in line with its ‘commitment to limit increases in line with inflation’

Its statement said: ‘We fully understand the challenging circumstances doctors are working in to care for patients and support our health services.’

With regards to how funds from collected fees will be spent, the GMC said it intends to ‘continue our important work to improve training experience and working environments, making them safe, supportive, inclusive and fair for doctors’.

The GMC is also investing in setting up a temporary test centre next spring, so it can test more doctors from overseas during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Newly qualified doctors2020
Provisional registration5252
Full registration (year 1)156157
Annual retention fee (years 2 to 5)156157
Other doctors 2020
Full registration406408
Annual retention fee with a licence406 408
Annual retention fee without a licence145146
Other fees 2020
PLAB test – part 1239240
PLAB test – part 2875879
Certificate of completion of training437439
Certificate of eligibility for specialist registration1,6681,676
Certificate of eligibility for GP registration1,6681,676
Certificate of GP acquired rights305307

Source: GMC



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Slobbering Spaniel 15 December, 2020 5:40 pm

Excellent value for money.
Remind me again what benefits doctors get for their subscription?

Kevlar Cardie 15 December, 2020 11:30 pm

Does the bullshit index track RPI or CPI ?

Dave Haddock 16 December, 2020 1:00 pm

Shame we don’t have a Union to organise a mass refusal to pay, instead we have the BMA with their surveys and tampon campaigns.

Victoria Cleak 16 December, 2020 7:30 pm

I don’t inderstand why taxpayers aren’t paying for it?