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GMC launches new guidance for ‘streamlined’ revalidation

By Gareth Iacobucci

The GMC has launched new appraisal guidance for revalidation designed to satisfy Government demands for the process to be more streamlined and less of a bureaucratic burden on GPs.

The guidance, designed to apply to all doctors regardless of where they work in the UK or their area of practice, outlines six key areas in which GPs will need to collect information for their annual appraisal to provide evidence they are up-to-date with their practice. Click here to read the full guidance

The areas suggested, which represent a simplification of the thirteen domains suggested by the RCGP, are continuing professional development, quality improvement activity, significant events, feedback from colleagues, feedback from patients (where applicable), and reviews of complaints and compliments.

The document has been produced following feedback to the GMC's consultation on revalidation, and demands from Government for the process to be less bureaucratic when it launches at the end of 2012.

The Council also said the guidance would ensure appraisals were carried out more consistently across the UK, and urged employers to make sure every doctor could access the supporting information as outlined.

GMC chief executive Niall Dickson said: ‘This fulfils our commitment we made to simplify the process following our consultation last year. It allows doctors to go through the process without it being such a big burden.

‘This is guidance that should apply to all doctors, we believe it is a proportionate means with which to introduce revalidation.'

He added: ‘We know that the current appraisal system is patchy. We hope that our guidance will introduce greater consistency and ensure that what we are asking doctors to do is realistic and straightforward. We want appraisals to be rewarding and useful, not time-consuming or difficult.'

Click here to read the full guidance

Niall Dickson