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GPs fleeing Ukraine to be fast-tracked by GMC if they wish to practise in NHS

GPs fleeing Ukraine to be fast-tracked by GMC if they wish to practise in NHS

GPs who are fleeing Ukraine and want to practise in the UK will see their GMC registration fast-tracked.

This involves offering priority places on PLAB tests, as well as financial help with registration and other application fees, the GMC has said.

While the GMC can only speed up applications from those with refugee status, it will still ‘provide as much support and advice as [it] can for other doctors who are affected by the war’ who want to be registered in the UK.

GMC medical director and director for education and standards Professor Colin Melville said: ‘Doctors with refugee status from anywhere in the world can apply for registration, and we will do everything we can to progress their applications as quickly as possible.’

The regulator also said it has been asked about the GMC’s role in deciding whether UK nationals studying medicine in Ukraine can move to UK medical schools, but that it has no power to make this decision.

Professor Melville said: ‘We do not have a role in determining whether UK nationals studying medicine in Ukraine are able to transfer to medical schools in the UK.’

He added: ‘We appreciate this is a very distressing situation for many people. We continue to work with a range of organisations, including the Medical Schools Council and health services across the four countries of the UK to discuss the support and advice they have available.’

It comes as the Government has confirmed Ukrainian refugees will be guaranteed free access to NHS healthcare including GP appointments, urgent care centres, and hospitals.

The NHS had previously reminded GPs that proof of ID is not needed to register with a practice in updated guidance on providing healthcare to people coming from Ukraine.



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Adam Crowther 25 March, 2022 11:23 am

GP refugees are incredibly welcome to practice with me and my team. However I would not like the DH to include them in the 6000 as the hope will be that one day they can return and help rebuild 🇺🇦

Patrufini Duffy 25 March, 2022 3:54 pm

Funny how the GMC and UK fast-track things based on, well, – I think you know what. Not sure how much red carpet is left to replace the dirty stuff.

John Glasspool 25 March, 2022 6:53 pm

Only doing it so they can have more doctors to persecute. The GMC- lower than vermin.