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Lincolnshire LMC closes discount indemnity deal for EU GPs

Lincolnshire LMC has signed a deal with MDDUS for discounted indemnity cover for its recently-hired GPs from the EU.

The ‘blueprint’ area for NHS England’s wider EU recruitment scheme said there was no problem finding indemnity for the doctors, but that MDDUS offered a package deal with reduced cost because they would be practising ‘in a supported environment’.

The LMC has brought in 25 GPs from Europe which will go through a six-to-12-month supported training programme, followed by two years of support and mentoring to help fully integrate them into British general practice. It is expecting another cohort in August.

MDDUS director of development David Sturgeon said: ‘Models of care are changing and we are delighted to work alongside Lincolnshire LMC to provide their new recruits with a tailored product with competitive rates and flexible indemnity arrangements.

‘These new recruits will have access to expert advice and support as well as all our MDDUS education programmes and online resources.’

Lincolnshire LMC medical director Dr Kieran Sharrock told Pulse that all MDOs were willing to indemnify the GPs on individual merit but that MDDUS ‘approached us to make an offer of an enhanced package with reduced costs, as the doctors would be in a supported environment and thus be at a lower risk’.

He added: ‘We gratefully worked with them on this basis and the practices and doctors are benefiting from this reduced indemnity cost.’

The parties did not disclose the financial details of the arrangement.