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New guidance ends doubling of CPD credits for demonstrating ‘impact’

GPs will no longer be able to claim double the number of CPD points for demonstrating ‘impact’ under new revalidation guidance from the RCGP due this week.

The RCGP said it is proposing a more ‘flexible’ system of CPD credits which reward time spent demonstrating impact, and reduces the burden of documentation required which was ‘arbitrary and ‘restrictive’ under the previous system.

It also hopes the new guidance will address concerns that standards for supporting evidence were being applied ‘inconsistently’ across the country and that it will therefore reduce confusion and ease GP workload.

RCGP revalidation lead Dr Susi Caesar said: ‘Feedback from our members about revalidation was that the current guidance on supporting information was being applied inconsistently. In issuing new guidance, we are moving to a more streamlined and proportionate approach that values quality over quantity. We believe that this will increase the dissemination of best practice while reducing the burden of documentation required.’

‘There were concerns that the existing system of ‘doubling’ CPD credits for demonstrating the impact of learning was restrictive and arbitrary. We have moved away from a ‘one size fits all’ doubling to a more flexible system that emphasises and rewards all the time spent demonstrating impact. Of course, existing credits already earned will not be affected.’

Although GMC sets the standards for revalidation the RCGP said most responsible officers and GPs would refer to its guidance.