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Out-of-hours providers to pay upwards of £800 for CQC registration

Care Quality Commission registration fees for out-of-hours providers will start at £800 for services with one location.

A consultation on CQC fees for out-of-hours providers – a group that is required to register for CQC registration by April 2012 – shows that fees will start at £800 for one location, rising to £48,000 for providers operating across more than 100 sites. The CQC said the fees represented the CQC recouping around 50% of the total costs of registration.

Number of locations

Fee payable



2 to 3


4 to 10


11 to 50


51 to 100


More than 100


The consultation also proposed that GP practices that run an out-of-hours service will only be charged once for CQC registration.

The consultation states: ‘We are aware that some providers of out-of-hours services may also provide other services, such as GP practices…we are proposing that, in these cases, there will be no additional charge for the other services that are carried out by providers of out-of-hours services.’

The registration deadline for GP practices has been pushed back until April 2013. The current consultation does not discuss fees for GP practice registration but the CQC said it will be working with ‘key stakeholders’ to discuss GP practice fees in coming months and will consult on proposals ‘at the relevant time’.