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Reaction: Revalidation rollout approved

‘We have worked hard to ensure that revalidation will be as effective for GPs and patients as possible. We have listened to the ideas and concerns of patients, GPs and colleagues and are confident that revalidation will not be an onerous task for GPs: it will help them in many ways to ensure they provide good care for patients and get the most out of their own careers.’

Professor Mike Pringle, RCGP president


‘We will continue to provide leadership and practical support throughout the introduction of revalidation and beyond. It is vital that we get this right for patients– and for doctors. We want to make sure sure that revalidation is fair for all doctors, regardless of their working circumstances.’

Professor Nigel Sparrow, RCGP medical director for revalidation, 


‘The BMA has always supported the principle of revalidation – we believe it is important that our patients have confidence that doctors have up-to-date skills and knowledge to be able to offer them the best possible care.

‘It is important to recognise, that while revalidation will undoubtedly enhance the rigorous testing that doctors undergo, clinicians are already offering patients a very high quality service and robust systems are currently in place to deal with any concerns.’

Dr Mark Porter, BMA chair


‘It is essential that revalidation is reviewed every step of way so that we can be sure that the system works for patients and for doctors. Regular participation in the revalidation process will support physicians to develop and maintain the highest standards of care for their patients, and to achieve excellence in their professional lives.’

Sir Richard Thompson, president of the Royal College of Physicians


‘The Academy, along with other stakeholders, has made a major commitment to developing processes of revalidation because it believes that it will make an important contribution to improving patient care.’

Dr Anthony Falconer, chair of the Academy Revalidation Steering Group


‘The introduction of regular tests and more appraisals will help engage doctors positively with the mandatory process of retaining their licence to practise. Many patients will be surprised this isn’t happening already.’

Dean Royles, director of NHS Employers

‘Revalidation will be a powerful tool to help NHS boards keep a close eye on the quality of service doctors provide to their local populations. These new checks will be an opportunity to address the bigger picture of clinical governance.’

Mike Farrar, chief executive of the NHS Confederation