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Special Report: Revalidation


Your guide to revalidation

With less than a month to go until the start of revalidation, Pulse tackles GPs’ most frequently asked questions

Dilemmas: Revalidation

Medico-legal advisors comment on three GPs’ dilemmas about how locums will go through revalidation, what to do if you’re under investigation by your PCT, and what to do about unfounded complaints.

Lessons from the pilots

GPs who participated in the revalidation pilots offer their top tips on how to prepare

Five steps to colleague feedback

Professor Nigel Sparrow breaks the colleague feedback process down to a simple five steps

A GP guide to revalidation - 1 CPD hour

In the coming months all GPs will be told when their revalidation cycle will start. Now is the time to make sure you know what’s expected of you, so get up to speed with this quick guide from Dr Leena Patel, a GP and appraiser from Birmingham.

The path to revalidation

Our timeline takes you through the planned rollout of revalidation

Revalidation will not stop another Shipman, but it will earn us patients’ trust

The long-debated process of revalidation won’t stop criminal doctors, writes Professor Nigel Sparrow, but it will prove that 99% of GPs are safe and trustworthy

Blog: Ready for revalidation? Peverley is…

Video: The Big Interview with Professor Nigel Sparrow

Pulse asked RCGP revalidation lead Professor Nigel Sparrow what GPs can expect from the revalidation process