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Nine out of ten Scots happy with GP care

Nine-out-of-ten Scottish patients rate their GP services as good or excellent, in a result the GPC said was a ‘testament to the hard work of GPs and their practice teams’.

The Scottish Patient Experience survey found 89% of patients rated GP care as good or excellent, with the final report concluding that patients tended to be more satisfied with smaller GP practices.

But the survey, which was carried out by the Scottish Government for services provided in 2011/12, saw patients report a lower rate of satisfaction with levels of access to see a GP, with just 75% rating it as good or excellent compared with overall statisfaction levels.

The Scottish Government said: ‘The analysis has shown the importance of understanding the influence of non-patient factors such as the individual GP practice and size of GP practice.

‘It suggests that individual GP practices can play an important role in looking at ways to improve the experiences of their patients especially around access, continuity of care and staff.’

Scottish GPC chair Dr Alan McDevitt said: ‘These survey results are a testament to the hard work of GPs and their practice teams. But he admitted that ‘rising pressure’ on GP practices meant GPs had less time to spend with their patients

He added: ‘We also have to make sure that we prioritise patients with the greatest clinical need for quick access to the GP.’