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Scottish practices ‘running out of time’

Increasing numbers of practices in Scotland are ‘running out of time’ and will not survive because of high patient demand and recruitment problems, Scottish GPC chair Alan McDevitt is warning.

He is scheduled to outline his concerns during the Scottish LMC annual conference in Clydebank tomorrow (Friday 11 March).

Dr McDevitt will reiterate that more than a quarter of practices in Scotland are facing huge challenges in recruiting enough staff.

Dr McDevitt will say: ‘General practice is facing some of its toughest challenges, with workload and patient demand at unprecedented levels. GPs across the country are telling us of the rising pressures they are facing, with 26% of GP practices reporting that they are struggling to fill vacancies. This is simply not sustainable.’

He added: ‘Without commitment to substantial new primary care funding and staff, the general practice we need and value may not survive. It’s time for politicians to make that commitment.

‘We know that practices need tangible support now if they are to weather the storm that general practice is facing. If practices don’t receive that much-needed relief, then soon some will run out of time.’