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NHS England tweet ‘incorrect’, advisers claim

Independent advisers have claimed that senior staff at NHS England have issued information on the social networking site Twitter about their flagship data-sharing scheme that was not ‘factually correct’.

The claim comes in minutes from the GPES Independent Advisory Group (IAG) which cited a tweet send by NHS England’s chief data officer, Geraint Lewis that said an information governance assessment written by the IAG had ‘no official status’.

But the claim was rebutted by NHS England, which said the report was produced by an ‘independent body’.

The minutes state: ‘Concerns were raised about the way that some NHS England staff were discussing on Twitter, as some tweets sent by senior figures were not felt to be factually correct.’

‘In particular the IAG discussed a tweet which had described the information governance assessment for the addendum as having “no official status”, despite this document having been published by Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) following formal sign off by a HSCIC Executive Director.’

But a spokesperson for NHS England said: ‘The tweet referenced is not incorrect. What Geraint meant by his tweet was that it was an IAG document and that the IAG is an independent body.’