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NHS England chief medical adviser met with Babylon about AI

Chief medical officer of NHS England Sir Bruce Keogh met twice with online GP app provider Babylon Health last year.

Asked what the meetings – one in July and one in September – were about, NHS England said Sir Bruce asked to visit Babylon Health on a ‘personal education visit to find out about AI (artificial intelligence) and how they were using it’.

A spokesperson said he did not discuss Babylon’s involvement with the GP at Hand app, which launched across London in November.

They added that Sir Bruce was also planning to visit IBM to learn more about their AI system.

‘He is interested in AI. He does a few industry visits,’ he said.

A Babylon Health spokesman said: ‘We regularly speak to a variety of leading figures from the medical profession.’

‘We welcomed the opportunity to share with Sir Bruce the world-leading AI work we are doing.’

NHS England declined to give details on what specific AI solutions Sir Bruce was interested in.