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Over 70 suppliers bid for GP IT future framework

NHS Digital has received 73 applications from suppliers to deliver new GP IT systems. 

This wrapped up the first phase of the GP IT Futures procurement process, which launched in January this year, marking the first major change to the market in more than 10 years.

It follows the news that the Government would launch a procurement process for providers to ensure more systems were available that are suited to ‘the digital age’

There will be a minimum technical requirement for the new systems, to enable them to be able to talk to each other securely and be ‘continuouosly upgradeable’. 

NHS Digital’s director of the digital transformation in general practice programme, Martin Warden, said: ‘We are delighted that so many suppliers have submitted their applications to tender to be on the new GP IT Futures framework.

‘It is great to have so many companies who share in our vision to provide GPs with the best possible tools and services, at the highest possible standards.’

GP IT Futures senior responsible officer, Dr Masood Nazir, added: ‘The GP IT Futures framework has been designed to ensure that GP colleagues and practices will be able to choose from modern, assured and well-designed products that reflect what is needed for general practice for now and for the future.’

The new system will be continuously upgradable, will allow secure communication, and will have minimum technical requirements.