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Pinnacle log-in problems resolved for GP Covid vaccinators

Pinnacle log-in problems resolved for GP Covid vaccinators

NHS England has said issues with the IT system GP sites are using to record Covid vaccinations are now resolved.

GP sites are using the Pinnacle system, usually used by pharmacies, until their regular systems have had necessary upgrade work to add required functionality.

But the sites had experienced problems with logging in on the first day of the vaccination programme.

Kent LMC medical director Dr John Allingham told Pulse that the area’s wave one sites ‘have had to revert to paper at times when Pinnacle crashes’, while the launch at one site ‘has been delayed because of difficulties setting it up logins’.

Dr Rob Barnett, medical director of Liverpool LMC, told Pulse: ‘There were certainly difficulties that people had in registering and logging on… I know that people were having to input information by hand and certainly there was a recommendation that people had a paper recording system in place, just in case.’

They both reported requiring extra admin staff to ensure smooth running of the service.

EMIS, which acquired Pinnacle earlier this year, stressed to Pulse that the system did not crash.

A spokesperson for EMIS said: ‘There was a short delay with the Pinnacle software for some users to log in whilst we optimised performance at lunchtime [on Tuesday].

‘Users who were already logged onto the system were not affected but those trying to log in were not able access the system for a period of about 25 minutes. There was no patient data affected and the system is now working correctly.’

EMIS added that any vaccination centres experiencing issues ‘can ring the service desk helpline number available on the NHS England website and they will receive prompt support’.

An NHS England spokesperson said: ‘There has been an excellent start to primary care network vaccinating this week. EMIS has confirmed that their system go-slow lasted less than 30 minutes and is fully resolved.’


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