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0615: Dragged out of bed by the alarm clock – and the Ardnamurchan point

The Jobbing Doctor kicks off our day in the life of modern general practice with an uncomfortably early start.

Usually, I rise early. The alarm is set off for 5.15, and today I am going to get some exercise at my local gym. It is difficult to get organised, as I have to get my gym stuff ready, my day clothes, lunch and sundry other items.

Being a gentleman of a certain age, I tend to listen to BBC Radio 4 in bed. I need a deadline to get out of that cosy place, and that is the uttering of the immortal words 'Ardnamurchan point' twice on the reports from the inshore waters. I don't even know where Ardnamurchan point is, but it sounds windswept and northern.

My bed is very inviting, but I need to get some exercise as most of the rest of the day I shall be sitting in a chair. Not brilliant for my health.

I don't think I look very beautiful today in my sports kit, but when I get to the gym, I shall be inconspicuous. Just another 50-something slightly overweight bloke desperately trying not to go to seed.

To quote Hamlet: 'Oh, that this all too solid flesh would melt'.

Jobbing Doctor