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07.30 An empty diary

Dr Peter Swinyard head SQUARE

As ever, with the Patient Access telephone triage system now in full swing, I start the day with a nearly empty diary. Looking down the lists before the phone starts ringing this morning, I have a couple of face-to-face consultations booked – one a follow up I booked in myself and the other a lady who accosted me in the car park last week and I asked to come in to see me. Also a Mirena change booked for later on and I must pop over to the undertakers at lunchtime to do a “part 2”.

Still weary from the weekend working tidying up the QOF codings – my nurse manager and business manager also came in for various times over the weekend. Who says GPs work 9-5?

The other fixed point is an interview booked with BBC Radio Wiltshire about the introduction of the “named doctor” policy for the over-75s. An idea which could be great if not too mired in bureaucracy.

It is much more cheering not to have an appointment book full of heartsinks at the beginning of the day and then to have control over workload. I still work hard, but it seems under control – and all GPs are control freaks at heart.

Let’s see what the day brings…