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0800: The blue screen of death

Jobbing Doctor arrives at his surgery.

Arrival at surgery feeling ready for work and slightly smug (although gym workout was pretty gentle). First job is to switch my computer on.

This used to be a straightforward job, taking about one minute, but now with my system being more complex, and with more users, it can take anything up to eight minutes.

Today I have to reboot it half way through as the mouse does not work. This is so frustrating, as staring at blank blue screens (the ‘blue screen of death') is not conducive to a good start in the day.

When I start out, I look for practice notes and e-mails. I am not using the ‘smart' card, as I have left it in the other branch, and (frankly) having the smart card loaded achieves nothing for my daily work.

The reboot has worked, and I can now survey how my day will go. Requests for home visits are already there, and I have to say it seems to be the usual suspects.

Lots of blood test results to wade through (the oldest partner gets the most).

Its going to be busy.

Jobbing Doctor