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08.21 Up since 5am – thank God for remote working

Good morning. It’s 8.21am but don’t let that fool you.I’ve been up since 5am.

Work started at 5.25 am. First a trawl through today’s national health news – nothing exciting broken yet, so I posted today’s NHS  fees charges increases on our practice Twitter account @CherrymeadS. I suppose there are those who might think it’s an April Fool’s joke but links are generally not funny.

Thank God for remote working, clearing scanned post (too busy to do at sensible time on Monday, then too tired to do late at night after working till 6.30pm) and writing referrals which have built up pending results of preliminary investigations. As a practice which is allergic to paper – it amazes us that other organisations get through so many forests of the stuff each day.

Now I’m going to email an update to our website hosters, clear my email inbox, get a child ready for school, drop him off and then do a quick home visit on the way in to work.