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09.46 A project with the patient participation group

Spent yesterday submitting QOF evidence to NHS England by email and via CQRS, with my heart in my mouth – really concerned in case a tiny error means we won’t get paid for work we’ve actually done!

Anyway – deep breath and on to the start of the new financial year. Managed to grab a coffee and a bowl of Alpen before my first meeting of the day. This is to meet a member of our PPG, the CCG’s communications officer and a new member of staff at Imperial.

Imperial are introducing Practice Health Champions and this fits with a project our patient participation group are keen to develop – Youth Health Champions. Our practice was offered the opportunity to be the recipient of some fundraising money from our local Rotary Club. I was hoping the PPG would suggest new chairs or toys for the waiting room. Nothing so easy!

The PPG was concerned about childhood obesity in our very deprived area – they wanted to develop Youth Health Champions in local schools. Wow! What a big project. Anyway – luckily it fits with a Tri Borough Healthy School initiative and with a project University College Hospital are also working on. I’m hoping to get them all working together – and that my role will be small…