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09.59 Telephone triage

Today we’re down to two partners out of four triaging all appointment requests, a locum GP here for a brief session and a locum nurse practitioner triaging and seeing minor illnesses. So far so good. I’ve triaged 16 out of 18 people (two need callbacks later) and booked 11 in for face-to-face appointments with me, the locum or a practice nurse.

The nurse practitioner has a 30% triage to conversion rate. Normally if we didn’t have her here, my rate would be nearer the 30% taking into account all the advice calls.

I can honestly say that none of the people who have called me so far have been abusing the appointments system, seeking inappropriate advice or not self-caring. The ones who need advice have asked for advice, the once booked in face-to-face really need to be seen.

I’ve booked some in for blood tests or ECGs before or after the doctor appointment as well, as it’s clear something will be needed, so we’re as near a one-stop clinic as can be today.

As I finish this and 10am approaches, the calls are still coming in  but changing to fewer appointment requests and more requests for advice. Back to work and hopefully a few Path Links cleared before my first face-to-face consultation at 10.30.