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10. Paul Dacre (non-mover)

The editor of the Daily Mail remains the profession' pantomime villain, after continuing to commit many column inches in his paper to the now finely tuned art of GP-bashing. Many of these stories were inevitably focused on GPs' wealth, such as the GP in Kent, nicknamed the ‘Super GP', who is now apparently earning over £770,000 a year. It was no surprise that the Mail's resident GP columnist Dr Martin Scurr sang from a similar hymn sheet to his paymasters, claiming he was ‘disgusted' at the idea his ‘greedy' colleagues might take industrial action. The paper took full advantage of the open goal during the day of action, publishing pictures of Dr Hamish Meldrum and Dr Chaand Nagpaul's houses, with the property prices of each in the captions. Unfortunately, commenters' calls to see pictures and prices of Andrew Lansley's estate came to nothing.