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1040: Feeding the QOF beast

Patients either side of the river present Aberdeen GP Dr Kevin Hinkley with very different challenges.

I'm sat at my computer in the city, opposite the docks, feeding the beast with data for QOF.

My patients at the homeless practice have swollen legs and abscesses and a penchant for the Z-drugs to hit their benzodiazepine receptors. Green sugary methadone is prescribed by the gallon. I hope that in 50 years time the treatment of addiction is a little more subtle.

My other patients, across the river in the affluent granite suburbs, come with their own challenges. They are worried about their prostates and their pensions and their armed to the teeth courtesy of Google.

That reminds me, I need the loo.

Through the K hole - credit HaPe Gera, Flickr Through the K hole - credit HaPe Gera, Flickr