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11.48 Are GPs the last General Physicians?

Back from the nursing home ward round – luckily it’s right next door so no time was wasted travelling (though that can be a double-edged sword because we’re always on hand when visits are requested). Not bad today, just eight residents to review and the new matron to meet.

I’ve felt for many years now that we are the General Physicians of old, one of the last specialties that looks at all the patient systems and tries to make sense of the patient as a whole. Our local geriatric service is another and they offer support to the enhanced support to care homes scheme in Nottingham.

Back in the office, call back requests await and there are also prescription queries from a local pharmacy. Roll on the Electronic Prescription Service next week – hopefully lost scripts will become a thing of the past.

Just time to write up the notes from the ward round before my weekly minor op case. Variety is the spice of general practice life.