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12. Dr Krishna Kasaraneni

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Arguably the biggest challenge facing general practice today is the supply of GPs, and Dr Kasaraneni heads the rescue team. As GPC policy lead on education, training and workforce, he has the tricky task of working on solutions with NHS England and Health Education England.

But if anyone can do it, it’s the man affectionately described as the ‘BMA workhorse’ by one nominator.

There’s little Dr Kasaraneni has not had a hand in this year: he negotiated a new deal for GP retainers, pressured NHS England into a review of the anti-GP medical school culture, and continues to probe black and minority ethnic doctors’ lower postgraduate exam scores. 

Showing his prowess as a negotiator, he managed to agree a deal increasing the incentives for GPs to stay in practice 12-fold, from £310 to £4,000 a year.

He’s also added a couple more feathers to his bow over the past year, taking over as medical director of Humberside LMCs and policy lead for GPC Communications.

And how does he motivate himself to keep up with such a portfolio? He says: ‘Going to work, knowing that every day is going to be a different one. That’s the same if I am seeing patients at my surgery, representing my colleagues at the LMC or standing up for the profession at the BMA.’

Why influential: Will shape the future of the GP workforce

Surprising fact: ‘I have a very short fuse’

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