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13.19 Dying for lunch

My morning plans for clearing path links between 10am and 10.30am went down the tube at 10.10am. I had to sort out a letter of support for someone, run some telemonitoring records and letters to be processed through to the office, ring a patient to check what dose of medication someone was on and then ring a hospital, speak to someone about an admin issue and that was 10.30am on my doorstep. There is no such thing as a two and a half minute job, as they say.

A new patient took a bit longer than expected to see, then I had to advise the nurse practitioner, speak to our finance manager, ring the palliative care team, chat to the handyman, arrange for a temporary resident to be re-registered and for a local unit to be chased for an urgent discharge letter.

The morning’s triage and work are now completed though, except for a couple of referrals I need to do next. I like the pace of work but biscuits alone are not enough to live on and now I must sprint to the newsagent for a hot dog and back.