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1328: A busy morning for a nurse practitioner

Angela Nagle, a nurse practitioner at a GP practice in east London, has seen 30 patients so far today. And it's only lunch...

The day starts at 8am. 25 miles in 65 minutes. Damn that M11...

So, started on time but mildly frazzled due to travel. I am a nurse practitioner working in an East London PMS general practice. Today I have seen a few pr-ebooked appointments, but most of the morning is spent consulting with ‘emergency' (by whose definition is never really agreed) patients.

This morning is busy - 30 patients seen in four and a half hours. Mostly of the self-limiting minor illness type, but due to the diversity of language and expectations of our patient population, appointments can take more time to than expected.

Patient complains as they didn't get the requested antibiotics and want to see a ‘proper doctor' – advised to make appointment with same.

Saw a couple of chesty exacerbations requiring on the spot treatment, and found a new AF to manage.

This is the life of a NP - the job satisfaction, team support and agenda for change contract help!

'On the day' patients are generally seen by me whilst the GPs are doing their prebooked appointments, results, visits and practice-related admin… I take a phone call from social services and agree to write a letter of support for a man with a learning disability who I recently visited and assessed as part of the LD LES. I slot in an ‘emergency' dressing - patient got it wet so hospital told her to get seen at practice (as we are not as busy).

I plan to finish the morning with a few more telephone consults and then take a 30 minute breather, but the phone keeps ringing. Afternoon surgery starts at 1.30pm … bring it on!

A day in the life of general practice