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14. Dr Hamed Khan

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London GP Dr Khan has been described by one nominator as ‘the new face of general practice’, and it is hard to disagree.

Since featuring as one of the ‘young radicals shaking up general practice’ in last year’s Pulse Power 50, his media profile has rocketed, with regular appearances on the BBC, Sky, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, Al-Jazeera, London Live TV, LBC radio and Talkradio.

He has debated with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Conservative MPs and even representatives of the US Republican party this year and has now been elected to BMA Council.

As well as a GP, he is an appraiser, a clinical lecturer and academic lead for place-based learning at St George’s, University of London and an emergency department doctor at St George’s Hospital. He has been influential in supporting junior doctors’ protests against their contract imposition: a survey he launched on his Facebook page correctly predicted that junior doctors would reject the contract offer negotiated by the BMA and the Government.

Dr Khan tells Pulse he will campaign for the ‘complete termination’ of Government plans for a seven-day NHS while he is on BMA Council.  

As well as taking the fight to the Government, Dr Khan says he wants to build on his work on how to use GPs to improve patient flows in A&E – which won him the Best Poster Prize at the RCGP Annual Conference.

Dr Khan says: ‘I hope to continue to give GPs a strong voice and to influence policymakers in a positive way.’ If the past year is anything to go by, he stands a very good chance of doing that.

Why he is influential: Becoming the media face of the medical profession

Interesting fact: Was a doctor at the London Marathon in 2009

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