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1410: The perks of being a locum – a day off

For Pulse's locum blogger GP For Hire, it's been a very easy Monday.

It's early afternoon, and so far I have achieved nothing other than a smug contentedness at not having to work today.

One of the joys of being a locum is I can decide when I want to work. I still had to get up at stupid o'clock to take the children to nursery (not going to waste a day off looking after them!). So my Monday morning was spent sat at home watching daytime television.

Somewhat alarmingly, This Morning was all about how to have an orgasm and showed an old couple wriggling up against each other on a bed (clothed thankfully). Rather than a nice cuddle and a cup of tea, elderly couples can now have a blue-pill fuelled sex-romp.

Rather than face more information about the joys of geriatric sex I went to library instead.

Right about now my GP colleagues will be finishing their home-visits, have a quick spot of lunch, paperwork and then the next clinic.

Not me. Cup of tea, lunch and then a wander down to the park to enjoy the weather.

Back to work tomorrow though.

GP for hire