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15.10 Reflecting on the State of our Finances

Meeting with the moneymen over, we’re left to reflect on the State of our Finances. In a nutshell, for evey yin there’s a yang. No correction factor to lose – hooray! Less seniority payments – boo. Increased global sum – hooray! But increased superannuation payments too (starting today, 1.5%?!) – boo.

Great lunch though. Nothing quite like watching your partners troughing away, listening intently to the poetic fiscal ramblings of a razor-sharp accountant. Crumbs on the table, mayo on the chin, murmuring through mouthfuls as the story unfolds.

One colleague observed: ‘It’s quite difficult staying on top of all this when, after all, we’re GPs.’ The accountant seemed to agree, but then hit us with more important news we couldn’t really comprehend. Some scribbled notes between handfuls of crisps, others’ brows furrowed a millimetre more. At one point, I began to appreciate what a lovely, silky voice our accountant has. His glance at me diverted my attentions back to schedule 4, table 3, column 2.

I ogled the figures, stupefied, and picked up another cheese and pickle sarnie.

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