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15.36 Heading home at last

Morning surgery finished at around 1pm. I found talking to a pharmacy colleague and referring to GP Notebook helped with some of the decision-
making involved. Since that time I have dictated letters, looked at results, reauthorised prescriptions, made phone calls and checked the hospital correspondence. I am here for a half-day session, so it is now time to leave the surgery and take up maternal duties again, including school runs, music lessons and friends to tea.

I had several enquiries about medications not being available at the moment, which is quite time consuming. My husband has just dashed in to
say goodbye as he is going out on a visit before evening surgery, which starts in half an hour.

I will reflect on cases as I drive home. I enjoyed the consultations, some patients I haven’t met before, and some I have seen previously. Probably 50% of the time spent was in communication with patients and the rest of the time covering the other aspects of the work. Probably mirrors my experience as a mother – so much goes on behind the scenes!

I look forward to hearing more of other colleagues news as the day unfolds.