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18.01 Getting to grips with the new GP contract

Just finished sending yet another email about our IGSOC submission. We keep getting emails to say something is missing but I can’t see what. I can’t amend our submission as we’ve published it! Argh.

Also, just finished reading the new GP contract for 2014/15 and have been trying to map what LESs and DESs will be on offer and from whom – very complicated dealing with the Tri Borough, NHS England, Central London CCG etc.

Most distressingly I’ve been trying to understand the reduction in our out-of-hours payments for 2014/15 and trying to get to grips with why NHS England wants to backdate the reduction to this year. Finances are already stretched – they really have got it in for general practice where we do 90% of the contacts for 8% of the NHS budget.