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1915: A flying trip to Germany

Dr Charles Alessi is a GP in Kingston, southwest London. But today, he's working elsewhere...

Today I am in Germany. As well as being a GP in Kingston, I am also Director of Medicine and Clinical Governance for the British Armed Forces in Germany.

The day is a little fraught with having to travel from London to be in Bielefeld in north Germany by middayish, so it is a short hop on a plane followed by a Michael Schumacher impression for an hour on the autobahn.

On getting to Bielefeld, I am presenting to a very senior army officer on how primary and community care is managed within the forces in Germany, as well as explaining the issues around governance and risk pertaining to healthcare using British primary care and German secondary care.

After this it is a mad rush back to Hannover airport. I should be home by about 9pm ready for tomorrow, when the day starts with our weekly partners' meeting at 7.30am before surgeries.

Who said general practice was predictable?

Dr Charles Alessi