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1925: Four patients, four stories – four reasons to give them online access to their records

A typical day at Dr Amir Hannan's practice in Hyde, Greater Manchester, throws up four very different reasons for patients to have online access to their own electronic health records

It's been an interesting day for me today but typical of any GP in the country.

I saw a lady in her early 40s with a young child suffering with constipation. She had recently been diagnosed with a melanoma and was frightened about what the future may hold and what it might mean for her and her family now that she has cancer.

I saw another patient in her 20s who had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma whilst she was at university. At the time, she had been told that it was all in her mind and 'exam pressures'.

Another patient came having had two recent miscarriages. She has found she is pregnant again, but is worried that she will miscarry and wanted to know what else she could do to help improve her chances of bearing a child. 'I just need that scan, doc.'

Finally a patient in her 30s who has been trying for a baby for over five years without success, and now wants to have further investigations. The trouble is her partner has a low sperm count, and she wanted to know what that meant and whether there was any treatment for it.

All of them signed up for access to their records today to help them understand their own health. They all have a story. They all want to live life to the full.

They are not alone.

I wonder what will happen to them in 50 years' time looking back? I wish I had access to my own records!

Dr Amir Hannan