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2. Dr Russell Brown

Re-elected to the GPC again this year, Dr Russell Brown was one of the handful of GPs who founded the Resilient GP group, which rose to prominence after publicising an open letter to health secretary Jeremy Hunt last October criticising his plans for seven-day access.

‘The setting up of Resilient GP was a significant achievement this year,’ Dr Brown says. ‘We have been providing support and education for GPs to help them survive modern general practice.’

He says he’s particularly proud that the Facebook group for Resilient GP now has more than 2,600 members. As for next year, he says he’ll be helping Resilient GP make its website more ‘useful’ by adding resources for GPs’ day-to-day needs. Dr Brown is also the chair of East Sussex LMC and a GP in Polegate, where he’s spoken out against the closure of a local practice that left its 10,000 patients relying on one walk-in centre for treatment.