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20. Dr Miles Mack

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The RCGP Scotland chair has been a regular media presence this year, with his passionate calls to reverse falling funding in Scottish general practice.

His warning that a tenth of GPs in Scotland could leave general practice by 2017 led to national press headlines. He said: ‘A wholesale departure of GPs now looks likely given the current conditions the profession faces. In that instance, patient safety will clearly suffer.’ This has been part of his campaign to increase the share of NHS funding received by general practice to 11%.

Dr Mack has also called for the Scottish Government to introduce its own GP Forward View, saying patient safety will be at risk without a similar shift of resources into primary care. His priorities for the year ahead will be more of the same. He says: ‘Ensure investment creates the conditions for a sustainable future GP workforce and embed the core values into future models of general practice in Scotland.’

Nominators cited his commitment, saying he ‘has done a lot to ensure that our problems are recognised by Government’, and ‘he is fighting for a fair share of resources for GP’.

The Scottish Tories are already convinced – they have urged the Scottish Government to raise the proportion spent on general practice to 10%.

He may have also stumbled across an innovative form of treatment, boasting on twitter: ‘OMG I think that is the first time I have prescribed #PokemonGo.’ Catch him while you can…

Why influential: Prime advocate for increasing resources for primary care in Scotland

Surprising fact: Goes sailing in the Isle of Skye almost every year

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