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2000: The ‘Gordon’ surgery

Jobbing Doctor knows exactly who to thank for his extended hours surgery.

I call it a ‘Gordon' surgery. This is to remind me which joker caved into the industrial lobby to force practices to open later and later.

New Labour has not had a good track record with GPs. Going right back to the enforcement of the 2004 contract, they have always behaved as if they knew better, and were not willing to work collaboratively. They always knew best.

The problem is that they didn't know best, and as a result we are now subject to some of the problems inherent with an imposed contract. The best bit was a significant pay rise, although this was in the form of performance-related pay. The problem with performance-related pay is, if people perform - then you should pay.

You should not spend the next six years complaining that you didn't do your sums right, like New Labour have.

So now I am still sitting at my desk as it nears 8pm, seeing patients who wanted to be seen earlier, and with labs and chemists all shut.

Just so Gordon can cosy up to his mates in what is left of British industry.

I hate him.

Jobbing Doctor