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2014: the year through the pages of Pulse

Pulse magazine: December 2014

  • The CQC issues risk ratings for all GP practices in England
  • 40% of GPs sign up for dementia diagnosis incentives
  • Pulse reveals a third of CCGs have yet to allocate the promised £5 per patient funding to support GPs
  • GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul asks GPS to welcome the 2015/16 GP contract deal ‘for what is not in it’


Pulse magazine: October 2014

  • Health secretary backs Pulse Stop Practice Closures campaign
  • Labour’s Andy Burnham reveals plan to employ more salaried GPs

Pulse magazine: September 2014

  • RCGP chair Dr Maureen Baker is crowned by Pulse as the most influential GP in the UK
  • Plans to allow practices to take on out-of-area patients are delayed by NHS England

Pulse magazine: August 2014 

  • Pulse launches campaign to stop practice closures after an investigation shows scores are on the verge of shutting up shop
  • Scottish GPs win three-year contract deal with no changes to QOF until 2017

Pulse magazine: July 2014 

  • Plans to carve up the national GP contract under co-commissioning are met with fury by the GPC
  • Health secretary announces plan to ‘name and shame’ GPs over late cancer diagnoses

Pulse magazine: June 2014 

  • Pulse reveals some GP practices are waiting more than a year to find a new partner
  • Training figures show 40% shortfall in GP places in some areas

Pulse magazine: May 2014

  • Prime Minister fires gun on £50m scheme for GP seven-day access
  • RCGP wins judicial review on MRCGP exam

Pulse magazine: April 2014

  • Pulse poll shows just 36% of GPs feel more involved in commissioning a year after CCGs took responsibility
  • LMC leaders describe 40-page unplanned admissions DES specification as ‘maddening’

Pulse magazine: March 2014

  • NICE publishes plans to halve primary prevention threshold for statins
  • Jeremy Hunt approves GP practice funding uplift of just 0.28%

Pulse magazine: February 2014

  • NHS England delays rollout after furore
  • NICE backtracks on advice not to prescribe paracetamol