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2045: Into the evening

Buckingham GP Dr Nigel Masters is working late.

Another long Monday as we work on to 7.30pm (having arrived at 7.30am), doing what I call the Gordon Brown extended surgeries.

The few patients I am seeing seem keen to have the longer appointments and the slow pace helps one to relax, possibly too much. Some come at night so as not to be missed at work (perhaps overanxious about missing work as they both suffer from anxiety anyway).

I used to find this time helpful to close loose ends for the office day, which seems my daily life as a general practitoner now. This evening time was used to clear the busy day. but now it seems to spill into Tuesday .

I suppose my job satisfaction could be considered quite low (compared to the pre-contract working days) and this explains the early retirement of two 56-year-old medical school colleagues last year.

Nevertheless I still have the energy to write this final blog at the end of a long office-based day. And I still look foward to the challenges tomorrow will bring .

A day in the life of general practice