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21. Dr Robert Morley

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‘No one knows the regulations like Bob,’ says our panel about this widely respected GP leader.

As chair of the GPC contracts and regulations subcommittee. Dr Morley has been quick to advise GPs on how to tackle the new CQC regime, which he warns will be ‘time consuming, stressful and expensive.’ He has also taken over the role of executive secretary at Birmingham LMC after sharing the position for the past decade.

An active LMC leader, Dr Morley has been involved in sorting out disputes over payments, property contracts and commissioning.

He says: ‘The local issues we have faced have been escalating workload at the same time as seeing a torrent of partners in their early 50s calling it a day and retiring as well as younger GPs emigrating.

‘There’s been a catalogue of issues and the workload [at the LMC] has gone through the roof.’

The silver lining in what has been a particularly rough year for the profession is that people outside general practice are starting to sit up and take notice, he says.

‘It was always GPs who were to blame but people are starting to grasp this is problem of the politicians making and not the fault of general practice.’

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