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22. Dr Charlotte Jones

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The leader of the Welsh GPC has a portfolio within the GPC that would overwhelm lesser mortals.

As the UK GPC’s lead for urgent care, Dr Jones – a GP in Swansea – has been instrumental in getting indemnity costs on the agenda.

In Wales, out-of-hours GPs have been covered by the NHS for a while, and Dr Jones was instrumental this year in introducing a similar scheme in England successful, leading to 15,000 extra GP shifts. But the big move on indemnity came to NHS England committing £30m a year extra for practices for two years and undertaking a review on how to decrease fees in the long term.

And in Wales, she has succeeded in getting occupational health accessible for all GPs in Wales, ensuring the Welsh Government commit £43m extra to general practice and negotiating an expenses uplift for Welsh GP practices.

Next year, she hopes to go even further, calling for mental health services for all practice staff and not just GPs, and critically look at the whole Welsh GMS contract.

As one GP put it: ‘She is sparing us the tribulations faced by GPs in England.’

Why influential: Mean negotiator with the Midas touch

Surprising fact: Played cello for the National Youth Orchestra of Wales

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