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26. Dr Andrew Green

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The GPC’s clinical and prescribing lead is a vital voice of reason on GP clinical issues.

This year the East Yorkshire GP criticised impractical clinical guidelines, saying ‘no one organisation holds a monopoly on the truth’. He has also been vocal on the High Court’s attempts to tell GPs to prescribe branded pregabalin, and the scheme allowing pharmacists to provide flu jabs, which he said was costing practices £4m a year.

On the political side, he also led the opposition to the motion calling on GPs to submit undated resignations, warning passionately: ‘GP principals in my area will not sign undated resignations. The implications of being left with redundancy payments, long leases or large capital accounts are simply too great.’

But his new cause célèbre is fighting the various rationing initiatives that have seen commissioners putting pressure on GPs to change their prescribing or referral behaviour. There have been numerous examples this year, and with NHS finances visibly deteriorating he will have another full in-tray this year. 

Why influential: Provides clear advice for GPs in an era of increasing restrictions on their clinical practice

Surprising fact: Can occasionally be spotted in the Holderness countryside driving a vintage Ford tractor 

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